Saturday, 25 April 2015

Making new friends

Auntie Rose welcomed some very generous visitors when they came to see our family and look round the Happy House.
And it was buzzing with activity as all the children are at home for the school holidays.
Friends of Marina Temperato who is in little David's sponsor family, the caring gentlemen from Italy were delighted with what they saw and hope to be able to help us more in the future
Thank you for coming to see us and for your generosity.

Film night

With Mama and Papa visiting ther old home town of Blackpool, we are taking the opportunity to welcome them and to premiere a new film which tells the the story of Mama and our Happy House at a coffee evening on Tuesday.
The film was made for us by the very talented Italian film maker Massimiliano Zeuli, who has become such a friend of our family.
The coffee evening takes place at Bispham Junior Football Club's new hub, All Saints Road, Bispham, from 7pm-9pm. Admission £2. Please contact Elizabeth if you would like to come by calling 07905 139 589. Thank you.