Wednesday, 8 April 2015

School Report: Learning from experience

 A highlight of the term leading up to Easter was a visit from teachers  from our neighbouring school, Kingsway Academy. Madam Naomi reports:
They came to see first hand the teaching techniques we use in our nursery section and were taken into each nursery class by Madam Rose.
They observed sessions in progress and were able to ask our teachers various questions concerning the teaching methods we use.
They wanted to understand how children could learn to read at such a young age and also how they we were able to teach them computer skills and French.
At Happy House we have to be proud of our school and are very happy to be able to share experience with others working to educate children.
Mr Hamisi adds: Last week primary students completed examinations, having shown a great interest in improving their performances.
For teachers, it was also a time for learning as they received an induction on marking compositions and Inshas (Kiswahili composition) in line with Kenya National Council for Education guidelines.