Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Isla, six, sells toys and raises £10!

A little girl with a big heart has raised £10 for Happy House,
Isla Holden was upset when she watched a programme about children suffering in Africa, but she didn't just wipe away the tears and forget, she decided to do something to raise some money to help,
She sold some of her toys and proudly raised £10.
On the suggestion of Happy House friend Helen Charnley, Isla, who has just had her sixth birthday, and her mum, Mel, chose to send the proceeds to our family.
Isla's mum said: "Isla learnt about Africa last year in reception class so she often talks about helping but then prefers to keep her toys!
"Comic Relief made her cry and we sold the bits she chose on Facebook selling sites".
Thank you Isla, from all all our family.
Your money will be used to buy exercise books for our school. We have so many children in school we are always having to buy more for their work!.