Thursday, 20 November 2014

Turning pennies into £s in Tibberton

What a happy email we have received from the school council at  Tibberton First School, Worcester, who have raised £245.60 for our family.
Tom, Isabella, Lucy and the rest of the school council tell us: "We have heard about Happy House and decided to try to help you look after the children in Kenya.
"We had a Harvest Festival where we brought in food for homeless people in Worcester but we wanted to help Happy House too.
"We had a House competition called “Penny Wars”. Penguins House won but altogether we raised £245.60
"We hope that money will help look after the children.
"Next term we are going to raise some more money and go on a sponsored walk with Hindlip School."
After talking  to their headteacher, Carolyn Tew, the money raised will go towards supporting a child in our Happy House  so that her pupils have a special friend there.
Carolyn also explained how Penny Wars works, just in case other schools would like to follow suit!
"We held it as a competition between our three Houses. Basically each house collects 1p and 2p coins in a jar. The totals can then be sabotaged by putting in silver coins or notes into another house’s jar. So if a house had 250p in copper and then someone put in a 50p piece they would be down to 200p! 
The houses all ended up on about minus 2000!
We sent out a text each day to parents to say which house was winning and that kept the “silver” coins coming in to try to sabotage the winning house! 
So raising lots of money in total."
Thank you everyone for being such great fundraisers and for wanting to help our children, You are very special, indeed.