Friday, 14 November 2014

Safe at last, Brian can discover a real childhood

There will always be room for another ... just as Mama starts rearranging space to ensure that we can fulfil that promise to the children who need us, the 88th member of our family has arrived.
Brian,a nine- year-old in need of protection from a violent relative, with a known history of child abuse, he came to the  Happy House.
Uncle Billy says Brian's plight was highlighted by his class teachers who called the Happy House for help worried that he was being subjected to beatings at home .
On Monday, neighbours unable to watch the continued ill-treatment, reported the relative to the police.
''We could wait no longer especially as she had been reported to the police which must have infuriated her further and put him at even higher risk. He is now safe and sound."
Uncle Billy said the little boy had endured cruelty, hunger and had been forced into child labour.
Now he is in our family he can finally enjoy, what every child deserves,a childhood free from worry and fear.
''Welcome home Brian. Please feel at home," adds Uncle Billy.
Brian arrived just in time to join in the excitement of the last day of term!
And instantly found that not only does he have new schoolfriends, he also has 87 brothers and sisters all eager to make him feel welcome and at home.
Papa Dave was one of the first to welcome him and soon got him chatting about football ... signing him up to his fan following for Leeds United  - the team Papa always says is the BEST!
It costs £20 a month to sponsor a Happy House kid like Brian and to help us give our children a safe home in our loving family and an outstanding education.  If you would like to know more please visit   or email

Christmas Market: 

If you are anywhere on the Fylde coast tomorrow (Saturday) please pop along to the Best Little Network Best Little Christmas Market Extravaganza at Wendy Holland Fitness Studios, Butts Close, Thornton, from 2pm-5pm.
Little Network is a not for profit ladies only networking organisation.
This is their first official Best Little Network Sales event, where lovely ladies will get to showcase their businesses and an official fundraiser as they are donating part of the proceeds to Happy House and also to Trinity Hospice.
There will be a a big variety of stalls with some unique and original gift ideas, plus tombola and raffle,
And, of course, our Happy House helpers will be busy on our stall .

A true family event there will be some fantastic ideas to keep the children happy whilst mum & dad go shopping for Christmas gifts and Santa will be popping in!
Pictured are from left: Naomi Brown, Jo Smith and Mel Hesketh.