Monday, 3 November 2014

Parcel post

Santa's store cupboard is filling up nicely thanks to all our friends who are sending parcels of goodies for our children this Christmas.
Our hope is for every child to have a new outfit, from top to toe, when Santa delivers.
Our girls and boys take a great pride in the way they look and new clothes cause great excitement. Safari means "journey" in kswahili and the children call their best clothes, kept for special occasions and outings, their safari clothes.
Some of our girls are pictured here with items that arrived in the latest delivery of parcels.
Uncle Billy says: "Hello everyone and I trust this finds you well.  We have received an assortment of parcels with clothing, crocs, toothpaste +brushes, white board markers, pencil cases, story books, colouring books, sanitary towels and many other goodies for the children.
By the look of things, Santa and his helpers will surely have a present for each child through your kind consideration.
 We did have a small representation of the receiving committee as everyone is busy sitting for their crucial end term exams. 
Please accept our deepest  gratitude for your great effort which will surely bring a smile to all our children during the festive season & after.
 We equally wish you God’s blessings in your endeavours.
 Thank you one, thank you all!"
And as these parcels arrived,  others were on their way from medical secretaries in general surgery directorate at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. 
Sally Simmons, Anne Stanyon and Elaine Stefford work with Beverley Whittaker, who organised the collection of gifts,
Beverley, who is in our little David's sponsor family, said: "It is a pleasure to help."
Thank you to everyone who has sent gifts or made donations towards Christmas/
For our children, like those the world over, it is a very special time and for those who have joined our family this year it will be the first time they will have ever received a gift.
If you would like to send a parcel you will find all the information you need here: or to make a donation please visit