Sunday, 23 November 2014

School Closing Day - by Janet, Musyoka, Riziki and Margaret

The end of year school closing day ceremony is a big occasion for our children and today three of our Happy House kids, Janet, Musyoka and Margaret are joined by scholarship student, Riziki,  as they give their take on the big day!
School is closed. We are so glad that next year some of us will be going to the next class. On closing day there  were various activities.
We had rehearsed very hard so that by the day everything would be fine and well organized.
It was an exciting day especially to those who  were graduating to class one and to the class sevens who will be going to class eight being the first KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) candidates in Happy House. 
I thank mama, papa and all the Happy House staffs for changing my life. I have really benefited a lot from them
 I thank God for taking us through the whole year. Am proud that next year I'll be among the Happy House  KCPE candidates.
It was on a Thursday when teacher said that we are going to have our closing day ceremony so we went to our classes to change our uniforms
The parents and visitors came to the Banda and sat on the chairs so the head teacher came and said to us that the parents had arrived so we must hurry so that they don’t get bored.
We were called to do the activities we were so happy.

Riziki: When the day of closing school was reached our teacher said to us that we should go to the banda and change and prepare yourself  to be  ready, so that when the parents came we  should  be  ready to start our programme  of  closing  school.
At nine when the parents were steated we start  our play when we have finished our play a teacher said that we shall now welcome our small babies to come and say a poem and we have so many activities to show the parents .  
Margaret: On closing day I was happy that we were going to show parents and visitors what we have been doing in school. 
We  entertained with different activities such as Indian dance, Scottish dance, poems, songs and Sakata dance. 
 I was in the Sakata dance group and I love dancing as my talent. 
We made everyone happy with our performance and the items did for them.
 And they will be happy with us.           

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