Monday, 17 November 2014

Pretty maids all in a row!

 As pretty as flowers in a garden some of our girls showcase some lovely dresses given by Dave Fineman,  from Blackpool, who runs a market and online discount clothing business 
Dave supports the Happy House after hearing about it from his wife Jackie.
Jackie , who is in Charity and Stevie's sponsor families,  is an ace shopper and is always on the look out for bargains to send for our family.
In fact it was Jackie who sent the red and white spotted dress (left) featured in a recent blog, which is still being worn, after four and a half years.
Jackie said she had to look twice at the newer picture to check it really was the same dress!
"I bought it in a sale in Peacocks," said Jackie, who is one of our top bargain hunters ... always on the look out for clothes for out kids at knock-down prices.
"I thought it was a lovely blog," she added "and nice to see it's still going strong
."Dave was delighted to donate these dresses, ex-New Look, knowing that what is given to Happy House goes exactly where it is intended ... to our children,
Thank you Dave and Jackie, for your wonderful support.
You will find Dave's online business at