Saturday, 8 November 2014

Milan gets moving and Susanna downsizes her wardobe

Our wonderful friend Susanna Gregorio  is again busy in Milan raising money for our Happy House .
Susanna, who works with her husband Livio Leardi in his GetFit chain of fitness clubs,  is planning a Masterclass Movero for Happy House today at the  Via Vico GetFit from 1pm to 2pm,
Instructor Daniela will captain the team.
All proceeds will be for Happy House which Susanna and Livio  have been supporting for several years.
Susanna and Livio are guardians to Levian, a little boy they came across in another children's home
Once they became his legal guardians they asked Mama they could move him to Happy House with their full financial support, so that they would have the security of knowing he is being well cared for in a family atmosphere and is receiving the best education,when they are back in Italy. 
This week Susanna has also held her own fashion market  at Via Vico, setting up stall with beautiful clothes from her own wardrobe.
It is the second time Susanna has done this to raise money for us. 
She says: "I'm certain that many women will agree with me in saying we have in our closets so many clothes that we do not wear  any more  and yet we keep them there for months or years without wearing them even once .
 I was one of these women, but in the end I got courage and I decided I could do a little market selling my clothes. Some never used with tags attached,clothes really beautiful and also branded."
The sale, with everything at bargain prices, was a huge success.
Susanna (pictured delivering a donation from GetFit to Mama) visits Levian as often as she can and is a lovely friend to Mama, Papa and all our family. 
She said: "I will return in December to be with Levian and also to help this wonderful place."
Thank you Susanna, you know how much we appreciate everything you do.