Friday, 21 November 2014

Committed to our care

Children in our family are committed to our care through the Kenyan courts.

And there was an early start for this group of eleven children, when they travelled to Malindi with Mama and Uncle Billy for the committal orders to be be made by the magistrate.
It is very special and emotional for Mama to have these precious lives entrusted to the caring family that is Sue Hayward's Happy House.
The orders on all children are periodically reviewed, as required by Kenyan law, but for these children it was their first visit to the courts.
Mama and Uncle Billy make sure they know what is happening, and make it an outing so that they are not at all daunted by the surroundings.
Front row: Saul and Saidi; Middle row L-R  : Florence, Mercy, Baraka Francis, Abdul malik & Teddy; Back row L – R :  Brian,Jacinta,Baraka Mkutano & Derrick.