Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Anti-polio campaign rolls into Happy House

 The Kenya government has rolled out another campaign aimed at eradicating polio.
A four-day  door-to-door exercise, has been rolled out as part of a synchronised effort to reach as many as possible.
Health workers were welcomed to the happy House when they administered oral vaccine to our under-fives.
Uncle Billy said: "All our under 5s have been immunized with anti polio oral drops. We are always committed to ensuring optimal health for our children.
"They are our sole focus."
Kenya is one of the countries in the “wild poliovirus importation belt” – a band of countries stretching from west Africa to central Africa and the Horn of Africa, which are recurrently re-infected with imported poliovirus.
The poliovirus still circulates in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia and porous borders between these countries and Kenya makes it hard to eradicate the disease.
Launching the vaccination campaign, WHO country representative Dr Custodia Mandlhate said  the WHO is committed to supporting vaccination efforts so that the disease is eradicated.
 "Whenever we have one case, we treat it as an outbreak like it happened last year. Currently, we are on the response mode."