Tuesday, 11 November 2014

There's no place like home ... says Mama

Hello, Mama Sue here today,
It is wonderful to be at home again  with our children. 
Mombasa airport was ringng with the voices of our children. It was very emotional for the Lovely Papa and myself. To feel such love is very special. 
Everyone got back on the buses and we set off on the two hour journey to the Happy House, calling for a soda on the way. When we arrived home there was more singing from all our little people who are too young for the journey. 
The children's favourite meal of chicken pilau was waiting for us and a lovely cake. I had asked the children to learn the Bette Midler song of Wind Beneath my Wings, for Papa, as he truly is, we both cried. 
The next day it was back to work.Rose and Billy have done a brilliant job of looking after things. We had so many things to catch up on.
Rose and I have changed our accounting system as we now have an excellent accountant in the UK. 
We have also been updating our records.
 So many of you have been in touch regarding your new addresses and emails, thanks for that. 
We love to send all our sponsors updates , exam results and thank you letters with pictures of the parcels that have been arriving for the children for Christmas.
I am very worried about the situation here. No tourists means no work for a community.
 People who had very little now have nothing. Here at Happy House we are also feeling the knock-on effect. 
So many people were  coming to visit, bringing much needed essentials, socks, crocs toothpaste, soap, now we are having to buy everything. 
I am so grateful to every one of you who have been sending parcels to make the children's Christmas magical.
 I know the postage is expensive and you are also donating into JustgIving the cost of our import duty. The love kindness and generosity truly overwhelms me.
 As this situation continues I know some of our students will not be back at school in January, which is the start of our school year.
 I wonder how I will be able to pay the teachers as time goes on. Children are being sent up country to grandparents as people here on the coast are unable to cope
.The school holidays start next week and we are going to reorganise the sleeping arrangements to prepare for the children,  we know, are going to need our safe and Happy House. 
I just cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, until advice changes and tour operators re-start charter flights.
 Papa and I flew home without a problem, other than my leg!  It is so much better. I am still using one walking stick but I can now manage at home without it.
At Happy House, as soon as I want to walk from one place to another,  there is always one of the  children, asking me to use their shoulder or a little arm for support
Elizabeth and I worked closely together during our recent stay in the UK. Applying to Trusts and Foundations for donations, anywhere or anyone who we thought could help us.
 We need to have a Secondary School ready by January 2016. It seems a long way off but how the time flies. 
How fast the children are growing.
 Even if it is just for Happy House kids and scholarship students they need their education and there is nowhere we can send them to achieve our level .
The education officer for our district called last week. She had heard all about Happy House and seen our exam results. She was delighted by all she saw and heard.
If you know of anywhere, or anyone, we can apply to for financial support please do not hesitate to tell us. 
Maybe a special Christmas present would be sponsorship of a child. It can be paid monthly and would give so much joy. 
Thank you for all your love and support for Papa and myself and most of all for the children.
Love &best wishes,
Mama, Papa and the Happy House Family xxxxxxxx
*To find out more about sponsoring a child please visit http://www.childrenofwatamu.net/sponsored-child-scheme/sponsored-child-scheme-watamu or email elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net

Mama and Papa are pictured with Maria, Margaret,Lucinda,Mercy, Sifa, Evans and Linus who always finds his way on to Mama's lap! 

To make a donation: https://www.justgiving.com/childrenofwatamu/Donate/