Wednesday, 5 November 2014

School report: Clean sweep and testing times

It has been another action packed week in school as Madam Maggy tell us:
Last week started off well and all the children and teachers busy preparing for the end of year exams. 
It is an important examination since it covers what the learners have tackled for the whole year hence they will be promoted to the next class and  the next level when the new school year starts in January.
Our standard seven students had volunteered to tidy up the school areas to promote a sense of unity and responsibility among themselves.
The Indian dancers are rehearsing with Auntie Neelam, dancing to the rhythm and looking forward to the grand end of year closing ceremony which will be on November 13.
We had interviews for new teachers and this included a practical teaching session to ensure that we could find those who are the best and best suited to our Happy House ways of  treating very pupil as an individual.
On Monday, exams got underway and all the children starting from playgroup to class seven are doing their best to prove their hard work throughout the term.