Sunday, 16 November 2014

Something fishy going on - by Evans, Diana, Rasoa and Mary

A bonus today. Four of our children have turned bloggers after a school trip to Malindi Marine Park.
For Dr Danwata Scholarship students, Diana, Rasoa and Mary,  this will have been their first school trip ... and how exciting they found it.
Our own Happy House kid, Evans, also had a ball!
Evans :
We had a wonderful day at Malindi Marine Park. 
We learnt so many things from that place.
We went to the sea and we saw fish, we used bread to attract them. 
We swam with the fish and some people thought that we were going to be swallowed by the fish but they were wrong to say that, we just had a lovely time swimming with the fish.
Everyone was wishing to stay there the whole day and night.
It was a fantastic day out there. 
When the time reached for going home everyone was very tired. Now we wish to go back again,
We had a trip to the Marine Park. On arrival we changed into our swimming costumes and waited for the guides to prepare the boats which we were going for snorkelling.
We were grouped in six different groups.
Each group had a guide and two teachers to lead us. We went to the deep sea to watch different types of fishes. 
There were big and small fish, with different colours. 
We fed the fish with the bread we had carried. It was very fun in the deep sea
. After that we headed to the much awaited island. When we arrive we were requested to dive in the water.
 Some were afraid to dive in the water thinking that it was very deep. When one of the guides told us about the island which meant it was not deep, everybody’s heart was relieved and we went for swimming.
 For about one hour later, we were told to get back in our respective boats, and set off back to the shores and have our lunch. 
We were served with delicious chips and fish and a bottle of soda each. We had a very wonderful day.

Mary :
We went to Marine park. We started the journey in the morning.
When we  reached to Marine park, we were told to go and change our school uniform and wear the swimming costumes.
 Were  divided  into groups so that we could go for boat. We really  enjoyed the boat riding.
It was a very fun day.  The bread we had carried we fed the fish with. After the boat riding we went for lunch. 
After eating we went back to school.  

It was on Friday morning when our teacher told as that we shall be having a trip to Marine Park .
We were all happy because we knew that we shall enjoy  the trip. 
On that day everyone was very smart and noone was dirty.
I am happy because it was my first time to go to Malindi Marine Park. We arrived at Marine Park. The  teachers told us that  the supervisor  they will show us where we will shall go and  change our clothes. 
We went  to the room we change our clothes and wore the swimming costumes .
On that day we had to wait for a moment  so that  the boats to arrive we entered in the boat and we went and enjoy ourselves into the  sea.