Sunday, 30 November 2014

Our baby "brother" by Selina and Rose and Closing Day by Kennedy

A lovely blog today from two big "sisters" who have taken Abdul into their hearts.
This Rose and Selina writing a blog about our young brother baby Abdul
We want to tell you our young brother Abdul who is not yet one.
He is now crawling and he has two teeth up and down
He likes playing with others in the sand.
He is trying to stand up by his own. And trying to walk using his baby walk, sitting and trying to call us sister. And his best aunt is aunt Fillis.
Aunt Fillis likes baby Abdul so much.
We love baby Abdul so much.
GOD blesses Abdul.

Closing day - by Kennedy

Scholarship student Kennedy, 14, has written his blog about the end of year school closing day.
"It was on a Thursday that we started the operation of closing our school. 
There was a little speech that we started with and then we showed our parents and visitors the activities that we had prepared for them.
 After we had finished with our activities our graduates came wearing smart graduation uniform. 
They also introduced their activities to us.
 After they had finished there was another short speech and then we closed our school with another word of prayers.
When I am down and all my soul so wearing, when troubles come and my heart abandons me, then I am still awaiting in the silence until you come and sit a while with me.
You raised me up so I can stand on mountain, you raised me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on shoulders, and you raised me up to more than I can be.