Sunday, 9 November 2014

Maths are great - by Sifa and Victoria

Today we have two junior bloggers writing about their favourite subject ... maths!
They have just completed the end of year exams, the results will determine whether they move up a class when the new school year begins in January.
Victoria writes:      
My best subject is mathematic. The day before we were going to do an end of term exam, I revise very well at night,
The first paper was maths. I was the first one with 82%.
I am Mathematician Girl in Happy House.

Sifa writes: 
My favorite subject is maths.
Many pupils in my class have their favourite subjects and also me, I have mine,  and I love maths so much. 
The class which I am learning is standard six. I work hard so that I can proceed to the next class which is class seven.
God will help me whatever I do not know.
When I do maths I get 86 per cent or, sometimes, more than 90. I love it very much and I will continue doing my maths.