Thursday, 24 October 2013

Welcome back, Lynsey

It's two years since Lynsey Hill visited the Happy House with her mum, Bev Higham, and sister Steph Hill, and now she is back again and enjoying seeing how much everything has changed.
And she is also having fun seeing her special little friend, Harrison, who has grown so much since she was last there..
Lynsey is a member of Harrison's sponsor family and he was there to welcome Lynsey (back left) and her friend, Amy Dutton, when they arrived, along with his brother, Ushindi, and sister Salama.
Steph is in Lily's sponsor family and Lily was all smiles to see Lynsey again.
Lynsey and her family have been supporting the Happy House since it was being built and in 2009 she and Steph completed a fundraising bungee jump.