Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A day out to Mtwapa

 Mama is keen for her children to get lots of different experiences and to see life beyond the Happy House, so when we were invited on a family day out to visit another children’s home in Mtwapa she was delighted to accept.
Hemed, who came to the Happy House on work experience as a trainee social worker, is now the social worker at Good Life Children’s Home.
It is very different from our own, but also provides a high standard of care and education.
Getting 72 children ready for a day out is a tall order, but  the older kids help the little ones and by 9am, everyone, including some duty staff and others on day off who wanted to come along to help, were ready to board the bus for the 90 minute journey.
A long, hot and bumpy journey later, Hemed and the Good Life family were waiting to greet us with welcome songs.  As a thank-you each of our kids, all wearinga  red baseball cap,  gave another  to a new friend from Good Life and they paired up to be shown around the home and school.
Our kids were quick to ask questions wanting to know more about life and lessons at Good Life.
Once we were all back in the community area, the children from both homes entertained before and after lunch – Good Life with traditional songs and dancing, poems and a fashion show and our kids with their songs and an aerobics display.
 The afternoon ended with a dancing competition, won by our Salama, and dancing when everybody joined in.
Mama and Papa can be sure that wherever they take their family they can be proud of the way they behave – always saying “please” and “thank you” and being so well mannered and caring.
Having said our thanks and goodbyes to our new friends, it was  time to set off for home for our tired but very happy kids,
It was a lovely day, a day they will always remember. 
Thank you to Hemed  and to all the Good Life family for making us so welcome. We now look forward to you coming to see us.