Saturday, 5 October 2013

Big thank you for our bigger banda

Now Esther, where shall we put this?
A banda bought for us by the gerosity of one group of people has now been extended thanks to the kindness of a Fylde family.
Extending the banda, donated by Limavady Rotary Club some years ago,  was vital to free up the largest of our three bandas to convert into a school resource centre.
And that, in turn, allows Mama to return bedrooms, toilets and showers on the first floor, currently being used by our school,  to family use ... making room to give a home to more children in need .
The costs of extending the banda to use for family and school gatherings, as a dining room and for assemblies and meetings, has met by Steve and Cherith Cushing's fundraising plus money donated instead of flowers at the funeral of Cherith's mother, Margaret Nicol.
 Steve and Cherith are good friends to Mama and Papa and their personal support over the months they were in the UK has meant so much.
 Steve and Cherith sponsor Esther, a foundling. They were visiting the Happy House when she arrived and visited the spot where she was discovered in a carrier bag under a bush. She was then stimated to be around four days old. Sue asked Cherith to choose a name for her, and she chose Esther, the name of her late grandmother.
So Mama and Esther went out to the band together to choose the right place a commemorative plaque.
 Mama, Papa and all the family send their love and thanks to Steve, Cherith and their family, friends for all their love and support .
This means the way is now clear to go ahead with our Room for Another project which will cost an estimated £18,000-£22,000.- for full details:
There are so many children in need, who need our help.
If you would like to make a donation you can do this online