Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Olympic goal for Amy and Andrew

With Musyoka and Farncis
 Volunteers play a significant role in life at the Happy House.
They bring their own talents, and outlook on the world, supporting the work with our family and each one makes a difference to our children.
We hope, also, that we will make a difference to them.
Amy and Andrew Dickinson, who are in Musyoka’s sponsor family, are spending some of their sabbatical volunteering here.
Andrew’s parents, Sheila and Michael Dickinson, from Cleveleys are in Francis’ family and now Andrews sister, Anna Collinge,  is completing the family ties by sponsoring Musyoka and Francis’ sister, Mwende.
Hi to Mwende
Amy with Neema and Freddie
Both management consultants working in London, Andrew and Amy are having a very different time working in our school.
Amy is helping in kindergarten, while Andrew is assisting in the primary school.
They are also busy getting ready for a mini-Olympics on Friday, with children divided into teams from countries of their choice.
Amy and Andrew have been working with our teachers to plan an action packed series of events and in training the kids. We’re looking forward to a very happy day!
*And a very happy birthday to Andrew who celebrated his 36th birthday with our family yesterday.