Friday, 18 October 2013

Baby Leah safe in our family

 Tragically the mother of this tiny baby girl died within minutes of giving birth last Friday, leaving her husband with six children to raise alone.
The pressure of shock and grief proved  too much for him. He could not afford to buy formula milk and could only feed his little Leah on cow’s milk.
 Unable to manage on his own, Leah was being left alone for many hours in the shade of a tree or  in a  room.
The  mother of one of our day pupils alerted the Happy House to the family's plight and brought  Leah into our care.
She was welcomed by Papa, who immediately signed her up for his Leeds supporters’ club!
Leah's father is away arranging his wife’s funeral and will meet with Uncle Billy to discuss her long term care when he returns.
In the meantime, she is safe, loved, nourished and nurtured as are all our Happy House kids and her arrival brings our number to an even 76.
There's always room for another....