Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy birthday Mama

Today is Mama's birthday and it will be just the happiest day as she and Papa are back in the only place they want to be - with their children.
This video is of children from the Happy House family and school singing the special song they had learnt just for Mama's homecoming last month.
Volunteer Frankie Asher had shown them a video of the song and encouraged them to rehearse until they were word perfect.
Listening to them sing I Just Can't Stop Loving You for the Mama who has transformed so many little lives was just so emotional. It touched hearts, and Mama and Papa could not hold back the tears.
It was the best present the kids could give their Mama, who just can't stop loving them either.
Happy birthday Mama Sue from all the members of your Happy House family from around the world, we love you too.