Monday, 14 October 2013

Olympics glory for Namibia

 Namibia romped home to victory in the Happy House Olympics.
Teams representing six countries (chosen by the children) competed in a lively and colourful programme of events.
The Games were the idea of volunteers Andrew and Amy Dickinson who organised them, with the help and support of our enthusiastic teachers.
After a solemn ceremony to raise the Happy House flags, the assembled countries sang the Kenyan and British national anthems, before parading to the stadium for the Games to commence, with Mama and Papa as guests of honour along with parents of day pupils, friends, and teachers and children from neighbouring Upendo School.
Events included running, hula hoop, penalty shoot out, high jump, long jump, tug o'war and relay plus novelty events for teachers and parents.
There was great excitement as teams from Tanzania, Kenya, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Namibia battled for points.
At the final count Namibia triumphed with Tanzania second and Kenya in third place.
Mama presented certificates to members of the three teams and thanked Amy and Andrew for all the hard work they had put into event and thanked teachers for helping to make it happen.
Head teacher Mr Athman thanked Andrew and Amy for assisting in school during their two weeks with our family and, in the Olympics, bringing something new and different to benefit our children.
We wish them a safe journey home today and hope they will come back to see us soon.