Monday, 28 October 2013

Making a difference

DawnHeather and Neema
Our volunteers add so much to life at the Happy House.
Coming from all around the world, of different ages and backgrounds, each one opens a new window on the world for our children.
Plus they have differing gifts and talents to share, whether they are helping in the gardens, the kitchens or assisting in classes in school.
Coral and Esther
We know that their experience with our family will enrich their lives, too.
Some volunteers come back time and time again, like Coral Blackhurst and DawnHeather White.
Coral, from the Isle of Man, is back for the fourth successive year and  DawnHeather has recently returned back to Bangor, Northern Ireland, after her sixth visit  to our family.
Back in Ireland, DawnHeather, who is in Katana's sponsor family, is a fantastic fundraiser for the Happy House.
Coral is in Mariam's family.
Auntie Coral and Auntie DawnHeather both enjoy helping out in kindergarten but will turn their hand to anything when need be.
If you would like to know more about volunteering at ther Happy House please  take a look at the volunteer section on our website: