Thursday, 3 October 2013

Got the stadium, now a new goal in our sights ...

Now we have our Happy House Football  Club stadium we have great plans to take it forward.
The District Children’s Officer based in Malindi was so impressed when he saw filed and stadium, he immediately suggested involving the 21 children’s home in his jurisdiction.
That’s exactly what Mama Sue wants.
 We want to share our facilities with other disadvantaged kids, and who knows what talents we could uncover.
We may have a future world star in midst?
Our children, girls and boys, love football and we intend to establish a league with other children’s homes and across the age range, so that every child has a chance.
What we do not have is a coach.
We would like to have someone who is qualified to train the children in soccer skills.
It would cost around £100 a month to employ a PE teacher but we would need to find the funding for this.
It would make such a huge difference for the children to be taught properly by an enthusiastic trainer. It would give them a real sense of purpose, something to look forward to and to strive for. 
A goal in life.
The children’s officer hopes that the Happy House, which is setting so many new standards in the way children in residential care are looked after and educated, may become a centre of excellence for football.
That is his wish, and at the Happy House we have a track record for making wishes come rue.
If you can help in anyway or would be interested in meeting the cost  of a teacher personally, through your business or organisation, please contact