Saturday, 12 October 2013

Learn along with Linus

When I was a child had elocution lessons so I could learn to speak “properly” and clearly!

And Mama has been teasing me about it ever since I made the mistake of telling her.
So when we discovered Linus was having problems with pronouncing some of his sounds, Mama put me on the case.
I’m happy to help wherever I can when I’m at the Happy House, and after arming myself with as much information as I could from various speech therapy websites,  got down to work with Linus.
He’s four next month, and can be truculent. If Linus doesn’t like something, or doesn’t want to do it, you are in no doubt.
I’d decided that Linus’ lessons with Auntie Libz were going to be fun and different.
So for half an hour a day, he comes out of class to be with me – some days we are in the library using books and musical instruments, others in classroom, or some days we have been for a walk.
We talk all the time concentrating on the sounds he has difficulty in making.
We have also been using flash cards.
 He loves the ones with pictures of food.  His appetite is legendary and  as soon as he sees a picture of food, be it cake or carrots, his eyes light up and he picks it up and pretend to eat it.
He might have trouble saying drum, but “Yum, yum, yum” rolls effortlessly off his tongue!
I'm now on my way home and our lessons together are over for now. I hope I have helped him, Mama has noticed how much more he talking so maybe I’ve given his confidence a boost. I hope I have made a difference.
It’s been fun, and special, and I’m going to miss my little friend.