Sunday, 27 October 2013

I like to read, by Jedida

This week Jedida is our blogger. She is never happier than when she has a book in her hand.
For our Happy House children there is, as you will see, a clear dividing line between being in the family home or being at school.
"I am Jedida. I am in class 3. I am 11 years old. 
I went to the library. I read some of the books. We love to read very much. We have a library teacher called Catherine Salama.
There are 8,026 books in the library, CDs, and text books. We also have newspapers. I like reading them.
At the Happy House library we have rules. We have chats and storybook. 
In the library we have big four tables and 24 chairs.. 
 I like to read Mama Panya’s Pancakes, it is a good story book. 
When I reach home after school I do my homework and after play I go to eat my meal. 
Then I take a shower and afterwards I go to sleep. In the morning I take my breakfast before it is time for school."