Sunday, 1 July 2012

Winning streak continues

Mama Sue encourages every Happy House child to be the best that he or she can be.
Reaching their own potential, whatever that may be, is what matters most ... not being better than anyone else.
But collectively, when every child is being their best,  that makes our Happy House kids a pretty unstoppable force, and on Friday they continued their winning streak in the second round of the music competition by taking the top prize for reciting a poem - in both English and Kswahili classes.
There were teams from more than 100 schools, along with their teachers and supporters, so to take the top spot in both classes is a real feat for both our children and for our teachers who have worked so hard to coach them to perfection.
Their prizes were two plastic drum filled with high quality stationery - items which will be put to very good use in school.
There was great rejoicing when the triumphant team, which now goes through to regional final in Kalifi, arrived home.
Sheila Davies, from Kirkham, went along with our team and on their return took these lovely pictures of the winning teachers and children celebrating with the family .. everyone dancing and singing, and holding the prizes for themselves ... the plastic drums held aloft and as prized as the European cup will be by whichever team just happens to win today's important match!
Sheila says: "I had heard about the Happy House magic, but on Friday I truly experienced it myself."