Sunday, 29 July 2012

Welcome visitors

We were happy to welcome Morten Mathieson and his family from Modena, Italy, when they took time out of their holiday to visit the Happy House.
Morten had emailed Mama Sue in advance to ask what he could take to help our kids, and she told him how food staples like rice, flour or beans, are always useful as these foods are bought weekly, in large quantities, and donations really help keep our grocery bills down.
Morten took our family to his heart and when he and his family called in they were loaded with a whole host of items, grocery and cleaning goods, which will make a big saving on our shopping bill.
All will be used well to help us to feed our family and to keep them healthy.
A huge thank you to Morten and his lovely family. Uncle Billy tells us it was  a pleasure to meet you  and we hope you enjoyed the time spent at the Happy House.