Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lauren puts our message across

Teacher Daniel Smith, the footballing boys and Mama Sue

Happy House ambassador Lauren Miles pulled out all the stops to get her fellow year six pupils at Marton Primary School, Blackpool, to vote the Happy House into pole position to benefit from proceeds of their Enterprise Week.
And she was so successful that Mama Sue and Elizabeth were asked into school to receive a box full of cash - adding up to a total of £390.
The money was handed over by the boys whose football game had raised £63.13 - the winning enterprise.
Lauren Miles with Mama Sue and Marton 's Happy House thank you.
Mama Sue and Elizabeth told the children a little about our very special family. We hope they will remember us and, like Lauren, become our ambassadors when they move on to their new schools next term.
Thank you to everyone at Marton Primary for your efforts, to teacher Daniel Smith for inviting us into school, and to Lauren for ensuring that we were the children's chosen charity. Your Happy House "sister" Maria will be so proud, Lauren!