Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Good ship Burnley sails in!

It's a long time since it left Lancashire but a container full of equipment has now arrived safely at the Happy House.
Thanks to Burnley charity, Furniture for Education Worldwide, we now have much of the furniture we will need for the classrooms in the primary school ... tables, chairs, filing cabinets (from Senator), white boards, computers, cupboards etc.
It is all being put in storage until the school is completed and it can be put into use.
There were many other things on the container too, including sports gear donated by Burnley FC, matresses from SilentNight and gifts of clothing and other items which had been sent by friends of our family.
Once off the docks in Mombasa and at the Happy House, the container, which arrived in the middle of the night, had to be unloaded straight away so that it could be returned within the alloted time.
Staff worked so hard to get it done, and are now in the process of sorting and storing the contents. 
Sending a shipment is far from plain sailing - there is always considerable red tape to cut through and extra expense - so the safe arrival, at last, of such important cargo is a great relief to Mama Sue and Papa Dave here in the UK and to Rose and Billy at the Happy House.
And another huge thank you to Terry Burns (pictured with Mama and Papa) and Furniture for Education and to those who contributed in any way.