Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pedal power to the Tower

Tom Smith will be using pedal power to make the 60 mile journey from Manchester to Blackpool on Sunday ... in the name of the Happy House.
Tom and his wife Ruth visited our family while they were on honeymoon in Watamu last year and now sponsor Harrison. He came to the Happy House with his brother Ushindi and their elder sister Salama. Now a settled little threesome, Ushindi and Harrison are typical brothers, playing together and squabbling and always up to mischief.
Mama said: "I'd really like Tonka toy for these two, I'm told they are indestructible but I think this pair could prove that wrong!"
Tom is appealing for sponsors to back his ride as he goes the extra mile by taking part in the annual Manchester -Blackpool Cycle Ride to raise money for the Happy House. 
Ruth said:" Sue is always striving to improve the facilities available at the Happy House and to help more children. They are currently extending their amazing school and when we heard they were in need of extra funds to finish the project Tom thought the ride from Manchester (our home town) to Blackpool (Sue's home town) would be a great way to spread the word and raise some cash.''
We are really grateful to Tom for going the extra mile for our kids and to Ruth who has taken on the task of highlighting his fundraising.  We wish Tom a smooth journey to Blackpool.
To sponsor his mammoth effort please visit :