Monday, 30 July 2012

Christmas i-deers!

Thank you to everyone who has put a Happy House child on their shopping list in the few weeks since we launched our Christmas appeal.
Mama has been receiving lovely gifts and clothing which are guaranteed to put smiles on to little faces when Santa calls. You are so generous. Some of the items we have received have come without any indication of who they are from, so we have been unable to say a personal thank you. But you know who you are and we are so grateful.
We have noticed that when it comes to clothing we are getting more for our girls - beautiful dress, skirts and tops.  If you are still shopping for our kids if you do see any bargains of shorts and t-shirts that you could snap up for our boys it would make them very happy indeed.
Having new clothes is a rare and genuine pleasure for all our children and both our girls and our boys take great pride in their appearance.
As you know our children are aged up to 15 - lots of our boys are aged five to nine - but anything you send WILL fit someone!
Gifts of pc games, dvds and books (softbacks) would be so welcome too. There are some ideas on Mama's Amazon wish list for anyone who might like to buy direct from there
If a child receives a pc, dvd or book as a gift, it will be shared with their brothers and sisters and everyone gets to enjoy it. Sharing comes naturally to our youngsters and is something Mama and Papa are keen to encourage.
Thank you all so much for being such amazing and kind friend.
*Evans is pictured proudly sporting antlers and a new outfit celebrating Christmas for the very first time at the Happy House.