Sunday, 15 July 2012

Waiting for Santa

Christmas is coming early for Mama Sue as his first parcel has arrived!
True to form, our very kind friends have be quick off the mark in responding to our Christmas appeal launched earlier this week.
The first gift to arrive, via Amazon, was this lovely percussion set sent by Peter Ward and his family, who are members of Oscar's sponsor family, and its being followed, we know, by other parcels from generous supporters in the UK and Italy.
We are so grateful to you all, and to those who we know who are adding a Happy House child to their shopping list over the coming week.
We will be putting more items on to our Amazon wishlist, which is a a guide of the kind of things we would like for our children.
Plastic toys and things that break easily are not really appropriate and every already child has a soft toy so they are not really needed whilst toys that are educational and fun, including dvds and pc games, are great and will last longer and be shared by everyone.
Plus of course new lightweight cotton clothes - all our children love receiving new clothes - which are now at knockdown prices in the summer sales.
If you would like to help Santa to fill his sack for his Happy House delivery please follow this link to find out more:
Thank you!