Friday, 27 July 2012

Snap happy

With their Mama in the UK the kids so look forward to telling her their news in their weekly Skype sessions.
Evans talks to Mama
Last week, Evans, who is chairman of our kidz council, told her all about how well things were growing in the children's own plots in the garden and Mama asked him to take some photos and to email them so she could see for hersef how their endeavours are paying off.
But with lots of other things to keep him busy, including that important football match in Malindi, Evans forgot.
On Wednesday, he was chatting away to Mama when she said: "And where are my photos of the gardens?", horrified he had forgotten, Evans promised to get them done straight away.
Yesterday these pictures,  along with this lovely note, arrived in her inbox!
Rukia and Shakila
I hope you are fine.
This is Evans sending you the pictures
That you said I take pictures
I know you will be happy about this.
I will send more pictures
Thank you
We love you
Oscar with his garden

Samson waters his plot