Monday, 2 July 2012

Goodies galore

Kind hearted Sheila Davies arrived in Kenya loaded up with all kinds of everything for our Happy House family.
Sheila, who first heard about the Happy House in February, when Steve Cushing, a long time Happy House supporter and fundraiser,  and , like Sheila, a member of Poulton Photographic Society asked for her expert help in producing an aduio visual of photographs and video from his trip to meet our family - which had also coincided with the arrival of foundling, baby Esther.
Their video Making a Difference had its first showing at our charity night and has since had hundreds of views via our website. It tells the story of the Happy House and features baby Esther - who Steve and Cherith now sponsor.
Sheila was so impressed by the work of Mama Sue and Happy House that she decided that she wanted to become more involved and also to sponsor a child.
She also wanted to visit and to see it for herself... and, once booked, collected lots of essentials to take with her - children's underwear, shoes, educational toys, clothes, nappies, toiletries and much, much more.
Sheila say she had such fun shopping for our children - even on her birthday, when she had been going to treat herself to a new dress, she decided to spend the money on our children instead and enjoyed  it more!
Auntie Velma helped her to unpack the suitcase and bags she arrived with  and we can promise that it will all be put to very good use as and when it is needed.
Thank you Sheila, enjoy your stay ... we know you are having a lovely time.