Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lightening the load

The Happy House aunties tackle a mountain of washing every day.
Our 58 children produce lots of laundry - school uniform, playing out clothes, multiple changes for babies, plus towels, bedlinen etc.
It would be impractical to handwash everything so washing machines are an essential. They also remove the maximum amount of water which makes drying quicker and easier. That is especially important in the rainy season when emergency washing lines have to be strung across the kitchen as well as in the laundry. as our picture shows.
So Mama Sue decided that some of the money raised at last week barbecue, hosted by Steve and Cherith Cushing, should be used to buy an extra washing machine which was delivered yesterday.
Thank you to Steve and Cherith and to everyone who helped at or supported their event for makin making the load a little lighter - and clothes ever brighter!