Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All's well ..

Whenever it is possible, and safe to do so,  Mama Sue and Uncle BIlly work hard to ensure that our children stay in touch with the few relatives they may have.
One little girl gets a visit from her grandmum almost very week and although very poor herself she always brings some little treat, broken biscuits or berries, for the kids to eat. She is so so grateful that she can sleep at night knowing her grandchild is growing up safe and loved.
For other children visits, if they get any, are far from regular and can come out of the blue.
So for this little family who have been with us since February 2011,  a visit from their grandpa was, to begin with, disconcerting for the youngsters.
Mariam, Suileman, Saumu, Freddie and Rose have been transformed at the Happy House, growing and flourishing, and very happy.  They had come to us, a rescue family, from abject poverty and neglect which was no fault of their grandfather. Who knows what may have been going through their mind when they saw him, fear, maybe, that he would take them back to the only other world they have known. They clung to Uncle Billy for reassurance.
But grandpa, who had dressed in his very best for the occasion, had come on a mission to see his little grandchildren for himself and to assist Uncle Billy by bringing some documents referring to the kids, but not, sadly, the elusive birth certificates which are still being sought.
By the time he left everyone was happy. Grandpa to see his little ones so well and happy and the kids to see him and to know that he, too, regards the Happy house as their home.