Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our bouncing boy

Just like Tigger, our David can bounce!

Hmm, maybe I do
Our special boy David,  diagnosed with Down Syndrome, is reluctant to use his legs so we hit on the idea of a baby bouncer to give him some encouragement..

Auntie Libby found this secondhand Tigger bouncer which Sheila Davies was more than happy to pop into her holiday baggage.

Our handyman Lanson, with guidance from Uncle Billy, fitted a hook made from a spade handle to a crossbeam in the baby banda, as all the doorways in the Happy House are flush with the walls and there was nowhere to it could be used .

But once up, Tigger was raring to bounce. David wasn't!
Uncle Billy and Lanson 

Tigger! You are hooked.

He had other ideas when he was first introduced to it, but now after a lot of encouragement, he seems to be thinking "Hmm, not bad at all."

No... I just don't do bounce!

But on the other hand ... I think maybe I do

As a result he is sitting up straighter and using those little legs, trying to crawl and
In no time we'll have him walking!