Sunday, 14 February 2016

KG kids on the ball, by Janet and Love Changes Everything

Our Kindergarten Kids have been on ball, as junior blogger Janet reports
 Today I am writing a blog about the kindergarten ball games. 
On Friday,  Happy House kindergarten school went to Dabaso Primary for a ball games competition and emerged as winners.
 Seven of the Happy House kids were selected and to go to the next level at Gede primary on Friday, February 26.
We are hoping the best for them. 
They were so happy when they back shouting and singing " Happy House Power, " led by our nice headteacher Madam Milka.
We are so proud the small children for giving the best of themselves so as to make our school represented in the cluster level.
 We wish them all the best.

                   Happy Valentine's Day  

Love makes the world go round and in Kenya, at the Happy House, is is also changing young lives and putting hope in to hearts.
It takes only a few short weeks to see a child who has come to us unhappy and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, to blossom into a happy, carefree kid.
At Happy House they are given a childhood free from fear or troubles, with love, education and opportunity.
We are there at the time they need us, and for as long as they need us - this may be the time it takes for a family to get over a tragedy or hardship and get back on its feet.
For others it is much longer.
Today, when love is on everyone's lips, please remember our family
 If you can help us to change more lives by sponsoring a child please email for details. To make a donation go to  Thank you.