Thursday, 18 February 2016

Scott and Laura dig in

Thirsty work for Scott and (below) Laura at work
 The Happy House fruit and vegetable garden plays a vital role in helping to support some of the daily dietary requirements of the family, Veg is picked daily for the kitchen, exotic fruits such as Papaya, Banana, Passion fruit, melon and coconuts are harvested throughout the year for the family.
 Mama Sue uses every opportunity to widen the children's skills and the garden is also used to educate the older children in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.
 The children are so keen to learn and the rewards of growing food for their family is a real positive and a life skill these children could use in the future, as many family's in Kenya grow they own food to help support there income.
Scott and Laura Webster who  keen gardeners from  the English town of Wootton Bassett and long time supporters of the Happy House, volunteered to work alongside Chris the Happy House gardener during their six week stay in Watamu.
 Both agree the gardening challenges in Kenya are very different from the UK, heat being the most difficult  for plants and humans alike.
 Scott said: "During  our stay we have run trials using both Kenyan and European seed in some plant varieties and, in our trials, and the Kenyan seeds performed best as they had been treated to cope with  conditions they endure, however the rewards  from both are immense and donations of seeds are  greatly appreciated.
"The Happy House children have very healthy appetites and seeing them enjoy home grown food is brilliant - nothing tastes better!"