Friday, 26 February 2016

Two reasons to celebrate our life saving mission

These two little ones, playing happily on a swing,  would almost certainly have died unnoticed had it not been for vigilant neighbours who brought them to our care.
From being two pathetic beings,  Lesley, now three,  and Ludwin, one, are now thriving in the care of our loving family and enjoying a childhood free from fear and neglect.
Today, exactly a year after they joined our family, our social worker Uncle Billy writes: "It was at 11.30am that two children, a brother and sister, were brought to us by two police officers, a village elder and a well wisher.
" The story was they had been abandoned by their mom overnight, leaving them hungry, tired and frightened at the time of their rescue. 
"Their mom had left to the unknown and they had a long night unattended....long after the rescue, their mom was found in the beach totally drunk and unaware of the situation of her children
"Both children were suffering ill health, they were in total distress and we had to take them to the hospital regularly
"The hospital bills being an average of ksh 3,000 per week which the mom would never have raised had they been with her.
"Were it not for the Happy House, doubtlessly the two would have slipped off the face of the world.
"On the contrary, they have continued with their clinic attendance and  that with nutritious food, optimal hygiene and tender loving care has ensured they so happy relaxed, in ever better health and very optimistic.
" Lesley plays football, smiles a great deal and makes lots of contact unlike when he newly came and would never make a sound. 
"My initial fear was that he was deaf and dumb! He had a blank and fed-up look all day long.
"Ludwin his little sister is now walking and learning to say a few words and has also developed such desirable social skills for a little girl.
"  As we reach a year since their rescue, there is hope and certainty in their lives
"Their story is another great example of how we weave the Happy House magic on young lives, and the reason  Mama, Papa and all of us have been called together for such a wonderful life saving mission.
" Who knows what  joys the future holds for such delicate lives that would, most certainly,  have been lost unnoticed?"