Sunday, 21 February 2016

I now have a mission, by Kelvin

Scholarship student Kelvin David has lived with hardship,.
He knows what it is like to be forced to stay out of school because there was no money to pay for his education.
Now his life is very different, as he tells us:
It is nice to be in Hayward’s Happy House Secondary School.
I remember the day when my parents had a financial problem.I could not even join any school due to there being no school fees. 
With the help of our kind, loving, Mama Sue, l can now learn although my parents have got financial difficulty.
I have a mission to complete secondary school  and that is passing my KCSE exams and becoming a doctor in future
All I have to say is Thank You so much to  Mama Sue. And to all the other sponsors who help us, thank you once more.
May God bless you all.