Sunday, 7 February 2016

Striving to be the best, by Sifa

Hello, this is Sifa and I am writing this blog about how  I am doing in class eight.
 All is well and I am doing good things that will make me perform well  in the KCPE exams at the end of the year
I am trying very hard,  asking many questions when there is something I do not know.
 And one of the things we are learning in class eight is about the human body. 
Our class 8 teacher is Mr. Isaac Luvonga.  The subjects which he teaches us are maths and science.
Not only  do we learn science and maths but also we learn Kiswahili which we are taught by Mr. Mdachi, English which we are taught by Md M ilika, C.R.E by Mr.Mdachi, social by Md Nelly.
 In class 8, we  are needed to be in school by 6.30am and 6pm  is the time we depart to go to our respective homes. 
We really enjoy learning and we are working very hard so as to lead in KCPE and for Hayward’s Happy House School to be the best of all.