Wednesday, 10 February 2016

School Report

Our Form One Secondary Students have been out and about to enhance their studies.
Mr Laurent reports: "The school is running smoothly with various activities going hand in hand with the learning process.
 Students are working hard to improve their performance as shown through daily exercises done in classes.
Form One students have picked up well as show by the presentations they gave in class on a range of subjects.
In on session (pictured) Nasri Juma gave a presentation during business studies lesson taking the other students over a topic on human resources.
Later they went out to the nearby shopping centre to conduct a study on satisfaction of human wants. 
This helps them in expressing themselves, research skills  as well as developing confidence.
In  the primary section the new scholarship kids who have recently joined us are settling in and working hard to catch up with the Happy House routine and standards.
We welcome them to our school.
* We desperately need sponsors, individual or group, to sponsor needy youngsters from the local community who have free scholarship places in our school. For information please contact Elizabeth -   Supporting a scholarship helps to keep a child in education - their only road out of poverty. Thank you.