Monday, 8 February 2016

World of science awaits - with video

 Discovering science through practical experiments in a laboratory is a huge adventure.
And now we have our own laboratory equipped and open, it is an adventurous journey our students are about to embark on.
And they couldn't be more excited.
Soroptimist International of Blackpool, part of a worldwide women's organisation, initially made a donation to cover the cost of building the lab from it's Christine Walker Memorial Fund and followed it by donating additional money from the Fund to furnish and equip it.
The work is now complete, benches and sink fitted, and equipment, chemicals bought and safety requirements met.
This week, Mr Laurent, our newly appointed science teacher, will start lessons and he is looking forward to it every bit as much as his students.
In fact he is so keen, when  when, on Saturday,  Mama asked when he would be giving his first lesson in the lab, hie reply was "Now!"
And he was true to his word!
All our teachers are proud to tell us that our laboratory is the best in any school in the district.
On Saturday, Mama officially opened the laboratory and our first secondary students were shown around .
It was a special morning, and we are indebted to everyone who helped to build our school, but on this occasion with a special thank you to SI Blackpool for making our laboratory happen.
Now our children have the world of science at their feet... and who can tell how far those first steps will take them?