Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A parting gesture of kindness

Peter Niblock's colleagues wanted to chip in to buy him a parting gift as he was leaving his role at Easyfit/Winlock, Telford.
Pete , who worked there for six and a half years, asked for donations to support the Happy House instead of a gift.
And on his final day there last week he received £200 which he has passed on to us.
Peter and his wife Linda have been long time supporters of our charity's work and are in Evans' sponsor family.
" I would like to thank my ex-colleagues for raising £200 for the amazing Happy House, we have visited this fantastic place and seen first hand how the children benefit," he said.
Thank you Peter for making this very kind gesture, and thank you to all his colleagues - every penny will be used to make life better and brighter for the children in our care.