Monday, 25 February 2013

Timboni top up

Cristina , Bianca, Francesa and Roberto Quadrio Curzio  have returned home to Italy after a wonderful week in Watamu.
During that time they spent a lot of time at the  Happy House and as their week was finishing Cristina , Francesca and Bianca went shopping in Timboni with Uncle Billy.
Peek-a-boo Saumu
They had a lot of fun, and made new friends, whilst they bought our whole week's groceries - from flour and rice to sugar and shoe polish.
Uncle Billy said the family were  interested to see what was on offer in the local shops and to see so many household items in common with their own in Italy,
They also bought one of two things used in cooking locally to take home to try, and Francesa and Bianca bought baseball caps as gifts for Hassan and Katana who they sponsor.
"We went together in Timboni .They made new friends and surprisingly they wanted to buy Royco and tea leaves to take to Italy. They also noted that most of the products like shoe polish were common with the shop shelves in Italy. A small world indeed!''
When they got back to the Happy House there were lots of willing little hands ready to help unload the car and take the shopping into the house.
We are so grateful to them for the time they shared with our children and for all the items they brought with them and for the gift of groceries - it really makes a huge difference to have a regular bill taken care of in that way. Thank you from all the family. 
Cristina is speaking from the heart when she tells us about her trip:
Katana and Hassan
"The Happy House is a very special place. Me and my family spent one week in Watamu and all the afternoons with the children  who we found really exceptional. Smart, sweet, kind.
To be with them was the very best part of our holiday. They filled our hearts with joy, hope and cheerfulness.
Being with them was one of the most joyful experiences we ever had. 
We ask to every person who can help not to wait tomorrow! Give today.
You will be happy and feel part of a great and fantastic family who will give you the certainty that  the world can be a good place when you meet so many fantastic persons.
Thank you Sue for the incredible job you are doing together with your great staff!
Love Cristina, Bianca, Francesca, Roberto"