Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Little people with big hearts

Three little girls with very big hearts started half-term by doing a sponsored run for the Happy House.
Sisters Charlotte and Natalie Barber and their friend, Abby, decided to put their free time to good use by making postesr, distributing leaflets and calling on their Blackpool neighbours to ask them to donate.
And then, with a dedicated dad in tow, they set off to Stanley Park where they completed a run of more than two miles. collecting as they went.
Charlotte, nine, Natalie, six, and Abby, nine, said people were very generous including a traffic warden who offered his £.
"One lady told us to keep running on the spot while she was finding her money!" said Charlotte.
The girls,neighbours of Elizabeth Gomm, had called on her earlier to ask her if she would take the money they raised to Africa for the Happy House and returned two hours later with their collection bucket.
They counted it together and it totted up to a wonderful £65.62.
"It makes you feel good to be helping," they said.
Charlotte and Natalie are pupils at Holy Family School, while Abby attends Layton Primary. They are now looking forward to telling their schoolfriends and teachers all about their fundraising effort and about our Happy House family.
Many, many thanks to Charlotte, Natalie and Abby and to Peter, Charlotte and Natalie's dad,Peter, for going along with them.
We are thrilled with your efforts and there is nothing quite like children helping children to lift your spirits and warm your heart.