Friday, 8 February 2013

Bravo for Marco and Bravo Genoa!

Marco Narizzano is a very good freind of Mama, Papa and our Happy House family, so it was lovely to see him again when he returned to Watamu on holiday with his parents and two friends.
 An accomplished photographer he kindly helped us out by taking some of the pictures which we need for publicity purposes.
He also brought with him 500 euros from his friends and colleagues at Bravo Tankers in Genoa, Italy.
Thank you Marco and all your friends for being so kind to our kids.
Marco is pictured taking a break during a photo-shoot,  with some of our kids.
Free books token collect
The Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror have a token collect offer  for free Ladybird books - two tokens per book (plus postage which  starts at 60p and goes up to £5.79 for 25 books).
If you take the Mirror please consider claiming your free books for our library at the Happy House.
There are some great titles to choose from, perfect for our little readers, including some read-it-yourself for early readers. 
The more books we have at the Happy House the wider the window we open on the world for our kids.
You could have them sent direct to Mama or Elizabeth when you order to save you any extra expense and we will get them out to our family. Email; for an address.
There's a bonus token for anyone who likes the Ladybird image on the Daily Mirror Facebook page!/dailymirror?fref=ts
Thank you.